Early Learning Associates Limited Grangemouth Scotland offers pedagogy, supporting development and learning, facilitating change, consultancy, promoting network opportunities, pedagogical documentation, continuing professional development, a curriculum for excellence, supporting active learning, learning and teaching interactions, organising learning and teaching, continuity and progression, play an approach to learning,children's own play, values and beliefs, pedagogical base, using CfE four capacities and principles, working with young children within birth to three, working with children three to eight
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Children being creative in the context of a learning group
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Much of the inspiration for colleagues in Early Learning Associates has been taken from Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy and it continues to act as one of our main reference points for our ongoing work in early childhood education. Like Loris Malaguzzi in ‘Hundred Languages of Children: Reggio Emilia Approach – Advanced Reflections’ (1998) we hold the view that,

Quote text Malaguzzi (1998) relationships and learning coincide within an active process of education. They come together through the expectations and skills of children, the professional competence of adults and more generally, the education process.

Since this is one of our main source of inspiration, we in Early Learning Associates believe that children:

  • come first
  • are rich, competent and resourceful
  • should be respected as people in their own right
  • have rights
  • are the reference point for their own learning
  • are active agents in their own learning
  • have the right to be listened to and heard
  • have the right to be consulted on matters that affect them.

Educators support children by:

  • having an image of the child who is capable, rich and resourceful
  • adhering to an ethical code of practice
  • being reflective about their own practice
  • being committed to continuing professional development
  • using their in depth knowledge to support children’s learning from birth onwards
  • being collaborators, co-researchers and co-constructors alongside children in their learning
  • listening and responding to children’s capabilities and needs.


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